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Bridging Programme on Political Communication
Academic year :

Model Path (60 ECTS-credits)

Access for all other Professional Bachelors

Basic courses (24 ECTS-credits)

Communication studies6sp1st semester
Vandebosch, Heidi
Political science6sp1st semester
Walgrave, Stefaan
Psychology6sp1st semester
DeSmet, Ann
Belgian Politics6sp2nd semester
Meier, Petra

Methods (24 ECTS-credits)

Introduction to Scientific Work3sp1st semester
Mortelmans, Dimitri
Quantitative Research Methods (part 2)3sp2nd semester
Mortelmans, Dimitri
Wood, Jonas
Qualitative Research Methods6sp1st semester
Mortelmans, Dimitri
Statistics I6sp1st semester
Pasteels, Inge
Statistics 26sp2nd semester
Neels, Karel

Optional courses (12 ECTS-credits)

12 ECTS-credits are compulsary

International relations6sp1st semester
Criekemans, David
Political Thought6sp1st semester
Fabri, Eric
Media Law3sp2nd semester
Cloots, Elke
Media and ethics3sp2nd semester
Hens, Kristien
Political Rhetoric6sp1st semester
De Landtsheer, Christ'l
Visual Communication Theory6sp1st semester
Pauwels, Luc
Political Communication6sp2nd semester
Van Aelst, Peter
Public Law3sp2nd semester
Popelier, Patricia