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Master of Social and Economic Sciences
Academic year :

Model Path

Methodological deepening (12 ECTS-credits)

Compulsory course - 6 ECTS-credits

Seminar socioeconomic analysis6sp2nd semester
Baert, Stijn

1 course to choose from this list - 6 ECTS-credits

Applied multivariate analysis6sp1st semester
Mortelmans, Dimitri
Applied econometrics6sp1st semester
Vujić, Sunčica
Cabus, Sofie

Specialisation clusters (24 ECTS-credits)

2 clusters to choose from list below

Labour and policy12sp1st/2nd sem.
Henderickx, Erik
Horemans, Jeroen
Deschacht, Nick
Environment sociological and economical analysis and policy evaluation12sp1st/2nd sem.
Loots, Ilse
Crabbé, Ann
Van Passel, Steven
Oosterlynck, Stijn
Vandermoere, Frederic
Government policy and study of inequality12sp1st/2nd sem.
Cantillon, Bea
Oosterlynck, Stijn
Decancq, Koen
Socio-economical analysis of the care sector12sp1st/2nd sem.
De Graeve, Diana
Wouters, Edwin
Van Eekert, Nina
Socio-economical policy evaluation and organisation12sp1st/2nd sem.
De Borger, Bruno
Cantillon, Bea

Master's thesis (18 ECTS-credits)

Compulsory courses

Master project partim I: Seminar SES3sp1st/2nd sem.
Kuypers, Sarah
Master project partim II: Master thesis15sp2nd semester
NNB, -

Optional course (6 ECTS-credits)

To choose from
- list below
- list of summer schools organized by Faculty FBE
- the module "methodological deepening", Master Sociology or Master Economic Policy.
The Course “Internship” can only be added after approval of the education committee of Social and Economic Sciences (more information can be found on blackboard).

Internship6sp2nd semester
Marx, Ive
Economic Analysis of Inequality with Capita Selecta6sp1st semester
Decancq, Koen
Political Economy of Development6sp2nd semester
Verpoorten, Marijke
De Weerdt, Joachim