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Master of Communication Studies: Strategic Communication
Academic year :

Model Path

General stem

Compulsory courses - 6 ECTS-credits

Contemporary perspectives in communication studies6sp1st semester
Maeseele, Pieter

Optional courses

The student chooses optional courses for a total of 27 ECTS-credits of which minimum 15 ECTS-credits from the list below, maximum 6 ECTS-credits from the courses offered in Multilingual Professional Communication (limited list) and maximum 6 ECTS-credits other master courses of the faculty, excluding seminars.

Public and social profit communication6sp1st semester
Heirman, Wannes
Direct marketing and e-marketing6sp1st semester
Heirman, Wannes
Effectiveness study strategic communication6sp2nd semester
NNB, -
Health Communication6sp1st semester
Vandebosch, Heidi
Internship Communication studies option strategic communication9sp2nd semester
Malliet, Steven
Internal communication6sp2nd semester
De Waele, Aurélie
Consumer psychology6sp1st semester
Poels, Karolien
Rudnicki, Konrad
Persuasive Technologies6sp2nd semester
Poels, Karolien

Optional courses to choose for maximum 6 ECTS-credits from the limited list in Multilingual Professional Communication. For business communication in a foreign language a language test is to be taken beforehand.(contactperson prof. Dominique Markey)

Professional Communication (English)6sp1st/2nd sem.
Van Hout, Tom
Professional communication (French)6sp1st/2nd sem.
Tobback, Els
Professional Communication (German)6sp1st/2nd sem.
Dusar, Ingeborg
Business Communication (Spanish)6sp1st/2nd sem.
Vangehuchten, Lieve
Negotiation 13sp1st semester
Van Waes, Luuk
Organisational psychology3sp2nd semester
Declerck, Carolyn


1 seminar to choose from the list - 6 ECTS-credits (Enrolment for the seminar takes place after finishing the prior programme. Enrolment for the seminar is done with a seperate enrolment form. The relevant information will be available on the notice boards. After this enrolment procedure the administration office will add the chosen seminar to your course list. The seminar visual studies is only open after having followed the course Visual Sociology and Anthropology.

Seminar on Journalism and media training6sp2nd semester
Paulussen, Steve
Seminar Mediamanagement6sp2nd semester
Paulussen, Steve
Seminar Interpersonal Communication6sp2nd semester
De Backer, Charlotte
Seminarie Webcommunication6sp2nd semester
Malliet, Steven
Seminar Visual Studies6sp2nd semester
Pauwels, Luc
Seminar Strategic Communication6sp2nd semester
De Vries, Philippe

Master's Thesis

21 ECTS-credits

Master's thesis Communication studies - Strategic communication15sp2nd semester
Seminar Masterthesis6sp1st semester
De Backer, Charlotte