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Preparatory programme Communication Studies
Academic year :
Access for academic bachelors or masters in humanities

Model Path (60 ECTS-credits)

General Courses (42 ECTS-credits)

common part

Communication studies6sp1st semester
Vandebosch, Heidi
Media: Structure and operation6sp2nd semester
Panis, Koen
Methods of communication research6sp2nd semester
Van Royen, Kathleen
Quantitative Research Methods6sp2nd semester
Wood, Jonas
Vergauwen, Jorik
Qualitative Research Methods6sp1st semester
Mortelmans, Dimitri
Statistics I6sp1st semester
Pasteels, Inge
Statistics 26sp2nd semester
Neels, Karel

Additional courses towards Media Studies (18 ECTS-credits)

Visual Communication Theory6sp1st semester
Pauwels, Luc
Film History and Aesthetics6sp1st semester
Meers, Philippe
News and journalism6sp2nd semester
Paulussen, Steve

Additional courses towards Strategic Communication (18 ECTS-credits)

Intercultural communication3sp2nd semester
Heirman, Wannes
Media Law3sp2nd semester
Cloots, Elke
Media: Audience and Effects6sp2nd semester
Vandebosch, Heidi
Interpersonal communication6sp2nd semester
Ouvrein, Gaƫlle