Guidelines and protocol

Several summer schools will be organised on campus during the summer of 2021. For an overview, please visit this page.

A protocol has been made to provide a feasible path for running on-campus summer schools within the pandemic environment. All summer school participants are asked to confirm that they have read and understood the guidelines via their account in Mobility Online. The measures and guidelines in this protocol can change at any time due to the evolution of the pandemic. 

The protocol provides information on attendance by international participants, classroom set-up, basic rules on campus, what to do in case of illness and the cancellation policy. 

On-campus presence

If a participant has had close contact with someone who tested positive for covid-19, or if a participant has covid-related complaints during or right before his/her attendance at the summer school, he/she will need to get tested and possibly go in quarantine if the outcome of the test is positive. 

A decision tree to assess each situation can be found below.

In case of a positive test, please contact
For any further questions, please contact


latest update: 28 June 2021

Please read the guidelines in the protocol (above) before going through the questions in this FAQ. This section will be regularly updated. Some measures might be adjusted based on the measures set by the government.


As a resident from a non-EU country, am I allowed to attend the summer school?

Candidates from non-EU countries can attend the  summer school if they are fully vaccinated (+2 weeks) with a vaccine recognised by Europe. Those candidates will need to take a PCR test on the day of arrival. Participants who have been in a very-high risk area at any time during the past 14 days are not allowed to attend the summer school. The list of countries can be found here.

The status of a zone can change at any time during your stay and these lists are regularly updated. It is the candidates’ responsibility to follow up the latest changes in this list. The University of Antwerp cannot be held responsible for any implications this might have on your participation.

As a European candidate, I will receive the last dose of my vaccine one week before the start of the summer school. Am I allowed to attend?

The European corona certificate can only be awarded on the basis of being vaccinated to those who have reiceved their second shot at least two weeks before travelling. You will therefore need to request your European corona certificate based on a negative PCR test (<72 hours) or a proof of recent infection and recovery.

Do I have to submit a European corona certificate before the start of the summer school?

Participants arriving from a green or orange zone in a European country don't need to submit a corona certificate. 

Particpants arriving from a red zone in a European country are requested to upload their certificate via Mobility Online.

Information for participants coming from non-EU countries will be made available soon. 

More information can be found on this page:

Measures on campus

Which measures do I need to take into account on campus?

Summer schools will be organised in a low-risk setting. Participants should keep a 1.5 meters distance from eachother at all times. Participants and staff need to wear a face mask indoors, and outdoors when a distance of 1.5 meters cannot be guaranteed. 

I have had close contact with someone who test postive for Covid-19 and/or have symptoms that indicicate Covid-19. What do I need to do?

You will need to stay at home/at your accommodation and need to get tested. A decision tree to assess your situation will be made available before the start of your programme.

Health and testing

Where can I get tested?

You can consult the list of doctors in Antwerp online or book an online appointment with one of the campus doctors . If you need help finding a doctor, as a student you can contact the Office for Students Affairs (STIP) at

Daily life

What are the measures currently in place in Belgium?

For an overview of the current measures, please visit this website:

Cancellation Policy

What if the summer school gets cancelled due to a negative evolution of the pandemic situation?

Should the summer school be cancelled by the organiser for organisational reasons or as a result of force majeure more than two weeks after the application deadline, the organiser will refund the registration fee. Claims for further liabilities or damages are excluded.

I am no longer to attend the summer school due to a postive PCR or due to changing travel regulations of my home country. Can I get a refund of the registration fee?

If the participant cancels more than 4 weeks before the start of the summer school, 50% of the registration fee can be reimbursed. If the participant cancels within 4 weeks before the start of the summer school, € 100 of the registration fee will be refunded, unless otherwise mentioned on the website of the specific summer school. This will also be so in case of changing travel regulations and/or in case of a positive PCR test before or during the summer school.

All refunds are made in euros. The organisation cannot refund any shortfalls due to exchange rate fluctuations or bank charges.