If your course offers you the chance to do an internship, you might want to ask your internship supervisor about the possibility of going to the Global South. You will normally have to search for an internship yourself, though you may be able to find one via University of Antwerp professors who actively promote development cooperation and have contacts in partner institutions. External organisations such as AFS, JINT, VVOB, Broederlijk Delen and 11.11.11 can also provide support. It is important that you start looking as soon as you can and also that proper academic supervision is assured in the country you choose.

The University of Antwerp actively encourages its students to choose internships outside Europe. For example, every year, 30 medical students do clinical internships in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Department of Biology organises a tropical internship to Tanzania every two years. 

Students of the University of Antwerp can explore opportunities and find contact information for thier specific faculty via Blackboard.

Study and research trips

Some programmes offer students the chance to travel to developing countries as part of their studies. The Bio-engineering Sciences programme organises study trips to South Africa and students of Applied Economics can go to summer school in Goa, India.
You can also travel to the South to do case studies or research in the field while writing your dissertation.

If you would like to conduct research in the South and are looking for a development-related topic, contact one of the professors involved in development cooperation (e.g. VLIR-UOS projects) or the University Foundation for Development Cooperation (USOS) (