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09h15 - 10h45 Course I Course I Course III Course I Course IV
10h45 - 11h15 Break Break Break Break Break
11h15 - 12h45 Course II Course II Course IV Course IV Course II
12h45 - 14h15 Lunch Lunch   Lunch Lunch
14h15 - 15h45 Course III Course III   Talks Talks
15h45 - 17h30 Exercise session Exercise session   Exercise session  


Course I: Quadratic forms over fields (Karim Johannes Becher)
Course II: Local-global principles in number theory and geometry (Asher Auel)
Course III: Field patching and local-global principles (Raman Parimala)
Course IV: Splitting ramification and residue characteristic two (Suresh Venapally)

Course details and abstracts of the talks (pdf - 195 kB)


The lectures and exercise sessions will take place in the K builing on the Stadscampus (city campus) in room K.101. For more information how to reach the lecture room please click here.