Bart Eeckhout

University of Antwerp, CityLAB VI organiser

Director of the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA). His research topics are threefold: the American modernist poet Wallace Stevens, interdisciplinary LGBTI/queer studies, and interdisciplinary urban studies - including the correlation between literature and architecture.

Paolo Favero

University of Antwerp
Associate Professor in Film Studies and Visual Culture at the Department of Communication Studies.
He has devoted the core of his career to the study of visual culture in India and Italy. He is also a specialist of the integration of emerging technologies within ethnographic methods. Presently he conducts research on image-making practices in contemporary India.

Pascal Gielen

University of Antwerp, CityLAB VI organiser

Professor cultural sociology at the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA).  He received the Odysseus Grant for his research about the conditions of sustainable creative labour in different urban contexts, for which he instituted the interdisciplinairy Culture Commons Quest Office.

Maarten Inghels


City Poet of Antwerp (2016-2017). His poetry collection Contact has just been published.


Bart Keunen

Ghent University​
Professor in Comparative Literature. He published articles on topics concerning urban studies, genre criticism, literary historiography and literary sociology in international journals and books.

Sigrid Merx

University of Utrecht

Assistant Professor Theatre Studies. Her research focuses on the dramaturgy of contemporary socially engaged theatre and performance practices, in particular performative interventions in public space.


Els Moors


Belgium's National Poet (2018-2020). On World Poetry Day 2018, she launched the idea of writing "the most exotic Lonely Planet": a worldwide anthology of urban elegies. Read more about the Adopted Cities project.


Office of Metropolitan Architecture

Architects, The Netherlands (Rotterdam)
International office practicing architecture and urbanism.

OMA in The Economist (14 May 2018): "Libraries that speak loudly"
OMA in Co.Design (1 May 2018): "A Highway Runs Right Through This Copenhagen Building"

Recetas Urbanas

Allice Atout & Santiago Cirugeda

Spanish architectural studio that develops subversive projects in different urban areas. Now creating a "Montaña Verde" at De Coninckplein in Antwerp.

Santiago Cirugeda in The Guardian (18 August 2014): "How Spain’s ‘guerrilla architect’ is building new hope out of financial crisis"

Saskia Sassen

Columbia University
Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology and Co-Chair of The Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University. Author of The Global City and Cities in a World Economy.

Sassen in The Guardian (19 March 2018): "China's radical plan to limit the populations of Beijing and Shanghai"

Lara Schrijver

University of Antwerp

Professor in Architecture, Faculty of Design Sciences with a research focus on twentieth-century architecture. Her book Radical Games (2009) was shortlisted for the 2011 CICA Bruno Zevi Book Award.


Rob Shields

University of Alberta

Henry Marshall Tory Endowed Research Chair and Professor of Sociology, City-Region Studies Centre, Faculty of Extension.

Founder and Co-Editor, Space and Culture en Curb Planning Magazine.

Urbonas Studio

Gediminas & Nomeda Urbonas (MIT)

Interdisciplinary research practice that facilitates exchange amongst diverse nodes of knowledge production and artistic practice in pursuit of projects that transform civic spaces and collective imaginaries.


An van Dienderen

Filmmaker, School of Arts Ghent

An's work meet at the intersection between documentary, anthropology and visual arts. She obtained a PhD in Comparative Cultural Sciences (Ghent University), and was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley.


Elly Van Eeghem

Artist, School of Arts Ghent

Artist on the meaning, design and use of the urbanized landscape. Her work consists of videos, photography, writing, actions and installations in public space.

Christophe Van Gerrewey

EPFL, Switzerland

Architectural and literary theorist. He is co-editor of several issues of OASE, such as OASE94 (2015) on ‘the First Decade’ of OMA/Rem Koolhaas. Author of several essays, stories and three novels.

Robin Vanbesien



Sofie Verraest

Ghent University

Literature researcher, GUST (Ghent Urban Studies Team).


Bart Verschaffel

Ghent University​ and University of Antwerp

Philosopher and professor in architectural theory at Ghent University and Semiotics at the University of Antwerp. His publications cover the research fields of cultural philosophy, art and architectural theory and aesthetics.

Jozef Wouters

Scenographer and artist

His work is situated on the intersection of architecture, scene design and visual arts. He often works with dance and theatre groups.

Nele Wynants

University of Antwerp & ULB, CityLAB VI organiser

Postdoctoral researcher in the THEA Joint Research Group (ULB) and the Research Centre for Visual Poetics (UAntwerp). She is involved in the European research projects on the magic lantern.