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24 June - 5 July 2019


This summer school focuses on key legal considerations for companies crossing borders. This will be done from various perspectives: mergers & acquisitions, (aggressive) tax (planning), labour, intellectual property, insolvency, international contracts, social dumping and human rights. The summer school includes a case relating to companies involved in a cross-border take-over situation, to be solved by the students in groups throughout the summer school. The students' solutions are discussed interactively and extensively in tutorials from the aforementioned various perspectives.


Stadscampus, University of Antwerp, Belgium


Students with a degree of Bachelor in Laws or Economics, or students who are enrolled in their third year. Students with similar competences (to be assessed on a case-by-case basis) are eligible for this summer school as well. Good command of English is required.



Course description

The programme relates to companies crossing borders, and is composed of four parts:

Part 1: introductory lectures on key legal considerations for companies crossing borders; these lectures should enable the students to solve the case  that will form the common theme throughout the summer school;

Part 2: exercises on the basis of a case relating to companies involved in a cross-border take-over situation; to be solved by the students in groups (sufficient time will be given to the students to solve the various questions included in the case study); students (per group) will have to submit various written reports of max. 3 pages each per set of questions relating to the case study at various intervals during the summer school; students (per group) will be required to orally present their findings in the various discussion lectures;

Part 3: tutorials allowing the students to discuss their solutions to the questions included in the case;

Part 4: lectures on specialised cross-borders issues - capita selecta.

Registration fee

€ 650

Fee Includes lectures, coffee breaks, social activities and a closing ceremony. Does not include accommodation, travel arrangements or meals.


University of Antwerp students are entitled to a refund of € 150.

Limited number of reduced fees of €100 available for recognised refugees.

Application details

Online through Mobility Online

Application deadline

Non EU-nationals: 1 April 2019

EU-nationals: 15 May 2019

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