Dealing with safety and security as practical challenges calls for structure and protocols, but also for adaptive and innovative thinking. Throughout the week, students of various backgrounds and nationalities will be working intensively together around one specific case or particular problem, introduced by a real client.

Inspiration will be provided through company visits, comparative cases and lectures on different related aspects (e.g. safety and security awareness, technological innovation, …) from different perspectives and academic disciplines.

In small groups students will work together towards an innovative solution. To that end, they will be introduced to hands-on methodologies in creative and innovative thinking, in assessing the feasibility (practical, economical, …) of ideas, in identifying and addressing stakeholders and target groups, in pitching ideas.

At various stages in their creative process the students will be challenged by the client, a creativity coach, and an international group of lecturers and fellow students. As an end product, each group will present his innovative solution by means of a poster and short pitch to a jury composed of the client and the summer school faculty.


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