Description 2017 - the edition of 2018 will be published soon (and will be similar)

The summer school will take eight days, including an excursion day in the weekend. Each day experts and students will discuss a topic in the morning. In the afternoon the focus is on practice.

During four days, we will widen the field of research on ethnographic artifacts. Participants will learn about the most relevant non-destructive research techniques and how to put these techniques to use. They will also acquire the skills necessary for reading, understanding and researching marks, combination of materials, different layers of dirt, coating(s), paintings, corrosion, pest damages... Following the reading and understanding of the object, types of cleaning, gluing and consolidation will be presented, discussed and sometimes practiced.

Furthermore, the participants will research an ethnographic museum object. Central question: which information to gather and how to do it.

The Saturday excursion will already look at museum storages with ethnographic material and exhibitions with ethnographic displays. The following two days, we will look at and discuss storage environment and materials, as well making mounting materials and storage covers.

The last day participants give a personal presentation of their own object and the report they have written during the summer school, and a group presentation about their work in the museums.