Group works

Preparative period

Primary insights will be given on the topic so students can duly prepare for the course. These preparatory readings and movies will cover all topics dealt with during the summer school. All students are expected to follow this preparatory track. A more equal starting level of understanding between all participants favours collaboration and maximises the knowledge transfer during the summer school itself.

These preparatory materials/packages, each linked to one theoretical session, will be made available to students in the months preceding the summer school.

Group works

Next to several theoretical lectures, keynote speeches, field visits and workshops, students will also engage in group works which will let them apply some aspects of the knowledge and skills taught during the sessions. In doing so, students are expected to make a hands-on interpretation of (some of the topics) dealt with during the course. The aim of the group work can be mapping a situation, analysing problems and providing procedures or ideas to solve them. 

On the first day of the summer school interdisciplinary and international groups will be composed. Topics will cover a wide array of options as to enable all participants to find an appropriate match between their interest and the content of the group works.   At the end of the summer school, groups will need to present their working process to their peers and to the jury composed of member of the academic committee and invitees.

A list of possible cases to work on will be provided before the start of the summer school. Last year, the following topics were covered:

  • Sustainable Diamond Trade, KP 2.0? On the need and relevance of international regulation schemes
  • Getting sustainability in. On new marketing approaches.
  • How to change a challenge into an opportunity? On the emergence of laboratory-made diamonds
  • D is for Diamond, and Disruption. On the introduction of new technologies
  • Trade of tomorrow. Retail business models in a changing industry