Programme 2017

Love and morality connect and conflict in various ways. On the one hand, both are manifestations of the deeply social nature of human beings, and in many traditions moral wisdom is interpreted in terms of love for humanity. On the other hand,  love flourishes above all within a personal and intimate relationship, while morality is essentially impartial and therefore often thought of as impersonal. Philosophers are therefore divided over the question whether the loving standpoint and the moral standpoint are compatible. During the summer school we will seek a better understanding of the problem by addressing at least the following questions:

  • Is it possible to wrong someone by not loving him or her?
  • Can there be a duty to love?
  • Are moral attitudes different in nature from loving attitudes?
  • How does love relate to moral norms?


  • lectures by leading international philosophers working in the analytic tradition (Stephen Darwall, Maureen Sie, Edward Harcourt, Vasudevi Reddy, Carrie Jenkins (live streaming), S. Matthew Liao (live streaming)).
  • reading seminars on canonical texts and recent articles by amongst others Susan Wolf, Stephen Darwall, Bernard Williams, Edward Harcourt, Carrie Jenkins, Maureen Sie, Harry Frankfurt, Vasudevi Reddy, Patricia Churchland, Jeanette Kennett, R. Jay Wallace, Michael Smith, S. Matthew Liao, and David Velleman.
  • evening programme of films dedicated to the analysis of the relationship between love and morality