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The Enlightenment is back. In public debates, in the media and in political speech, the Enlightenment is a live issue. It is invoked as a constitutive feature of modernity and often rhetorically crafted as a signifier of distinctively Western values and institutions. These contemporary uses of the Enlightenment will be critically examined and discussed in relation to classical philosophical texts on the question of Enlightenment.


Stadscampus, University of Antwerp, Belgium


27 August – 5 September 2019


Master students in philosophy, but open to advanced Bachelor, Master and PhD students in philosophy or a closely related field. Participants should have at least completed two full years of undergraduate education (Bachelor level).


6 ECTS credits can be awarded upon successful completion of the programme. Credits

Registration fee

€350 early bird (only Bachelor and Master students)
€400 regular and PhD candidates

Fee covers course material, including a copy of the book What is Enlightenment by James Schmidt (ed.). It also includes coffee breaks, evening programme and farewell dinner. Other meals and accommodation are not included.

University of Antwerp Students are entitled to a refund of €150 after completion of the summer school.

Application details

Online through Mobility Online before 25 May (Early bird and non-EU nationals) and 25 June (Regular)