The schedule will be uploaded later. The programme will be a mix of

  • lectures by leading international philosophers working in the analytic tradition (Stephen Darwall, Maureen Sie, Vasudevi Reddy, Edward Harcourt, Carrie Jenkins (live streaming), S. Matthew Liao (live streaming) ).
  • reading seminars/workshops on canonical texts and recent articles by amongst others Susan Wolf, Stephen Darwall, Bernard Williams, Edward Harcourt, Carrie Jenkins, Maureen Sie, Harry Frankfurt, Patricia Churchland, Jeanette Kennett, R. Jay Wallace, Michael Smith, S. Matthew Liao, Vasudevi Reddy, and David Velleman.
  • viewing and discussion of movies dedicated to the analysis of the relationship between love and morality


Prof. Dr. Katrien Schaubroeck
Academic Coordinator
Grote Kauwenberg 18
2000 Antwerp
Tel. +32 3 265 43 51