Application procedure in 4 steps

  1. Register in Mobility Online
  2. Fill in personal details ,complete some extra questions and upload required documents
  3. Wait for approval of your application (notification of approval within 14 days)
  4. Pay the participation fee within 10 days after approval to secure your spot

Applications can be submitted by filling in the online registration form via Mobility Online. After having registered, you will automatically receive an email with further guidelines to complete your application.

Application deadline: 25 May early bird) and 25 June 

Required documents for Bachelor and Master students: Applicants are expected to submit a brief CV (1 page, with a focus on education, study results and the topic of Bachelor and/or Master theses) and a cover letter (250 words, detailing the applicant’s particular skills and qualities, motivation and interest in the course). Notification of selection results within 14 days.

Required documents for PhD candidates: Applicants are expected to submit a paper proposal (max. 250 words) to be presented at the summer school, a brief CV (max. 2 pages, containing education, affiliation, PhD research topic and a list of selected publications, working papers and/or presentations) and a cover letter (250 words, detailing skills and qualities, motivation and interest in the course). Notification within 14 days.

Upon successful submission you will receive an automatic reply to confirm your application. You will be informed about the results of selection within 14 workings days. In case your application is accepted, you will receive an email with more practical information on payment and visa.  Note that your subscription is only valid when the participation fee is received by the summer school’s secretariat.

Accepted students will be registered as regular students of the University of Antwerp and will hence receive a student account and a student card with which they will have access to the catering facilities and to the Wi-Fi network of the University of Antwerp. Furthermore, accepted students will be automatically insured under the policy of the University of Antwerp.