Time table

Provisional programme

Monday 3 July 2017

9.00h, Agora café

  • Breakfast

10.00–10.30h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Introduction

10.30–12.30h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Goran Proot, Typographical evolution in the long 16th century

14.00–15.30h, Plantin-Moretus Museum

  • Diederik Lanoye, A technical approach to composing and printing in the 16th century

15.30–17.00h, Plantin-Moretus Museum

  • Joris Van Grieken, Printmaking in 16th century Antwerp, from local to global

Tuesday 4 July 2017

09.00–11.00h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Andrew Pettegree, The first age of print: reflections from the Universal Short Title Catalogue

11.00–13.00h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Tom Deneire, Digital Special Collections: Digitization, Metadata, Research

14.00–15.30h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Eric Jorink, 16th-century genres 1: Herbals

15.30–17.00h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Hubert Meeus, From Nameplate to Emblem. The Evolution of the Printer’s Device in the Southern Low Countries up to 1600

17.00–18.00h, University of Antwerp Library (Entrance Hall)

  • Daniel Ermens, Visiting the exhibition 'Historic and modern book bindings, a confrontation'

Wednesday 5 July 2017

09.00–10.30h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Elisabeth de Bruijn, 16th-century genres 2: Narrative literature in the vernacular

10.30–12.30h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Jeroen De Keyser, 16th-century genres 3: Scholarly text editions

14.00–15.30h, Plantin-Moretus Museum

  • Jan Storm van Leeuwen, Changes in the style of bookbinding decoration in sixteenth-century Europe

15.30–17.00h, Plantin-Moretus Museum

  • Dirk Imhof, Selling books in the 16th century: the case of Christophe Plantin and Joannes I Moretus

Thursday 6 july 2017

09.00–10.30h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Andrew Pettegree, Lost and Found.  New approaches in material bibliography

10.30–12.30h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Stijn Van Rossem, The publishing world in the early modern period: privileges, patronage, censorship

14.00–15.30h, Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library

  • Steven Van Impe, 16th-century books in the collections of Antwerp’s Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library

15.30–17.00h, Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library

  • Marieke van Delft, Presenting 16th-century books to a 21st-century audience: an introduction to the ‘Conn3ct’-exhibition, (followed by a visit to the exhibition 17.00–18.00h)

Friday 7 july 2017

09.00–11.00h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Pierre Delsaerdt, Libraries in 16th-century Europe

11.00–12.30h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Jeroen Puttevils, How print enabled the proliferation of the lottery market in the late medieval and sixteenth-century Low Countries

13.30–15.30h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • August den Hollander, 16th-century genres 4: Printed Bibles

15.30–16.30h, Ruusbroec Institute Library

  • Conclusions and farewell with drinks