In a nutshell


Intensive 5-day programme focused on health care-context immersion, using practical / digital methods for thinking (research + inspiration) and doing (prototyping + testing). 


Campus Mutsaard, University of Antwerp, Belgium


Exact dates to be confirmed by February at latest


Master students; Design and other professionals working in the field of health care; Service Design Network (SDN) Belgium members.  Depending on the profile, 3rd year Bachelor students can be accepted as well.

External partners

Service Design Network | SDN Belgium,  !Drops

Course description

We offer a 5-day practical, inspiring and engaging summer school in the context of Product | Service | System design in health care. You will be guided by designers, social innovators, academic researchers and many other experts. You will be thinking and doing on the following subjects:

  • Digital storytelling and new media in the medical context
  • Human Centered Design and caregiving
  • Creative industries and care
  • Thematic sessions on psychiatry, neighbourhood care and migration and care
  • Personal wellbeing in work and daily life

Product, service and system designers (from local and international agencies), social innovators, academic researchers, and multiple other experts from (non-)profit organizations and governmental institutions will guide you through this summer school within the context of health care.

We offer a very hands-on, inspiring and engaging 5-day programme including the following themes:

DAY 1 –  Digital storytelling and new media in the medical context

  • International keynote on the use of VR in the medical context
  • Panel discussion with experts on the use of VR, and broader, new media in the medical context
  • Hands-on workshop on the use of new media and storytelling in care and concrete tools for implementation

DAY 2 & 3 –  Human Centered Design and Caregiving

  • Fast forward through the Human Centered Design process (inspiration, ideation and implementation)
  • Case study background (methods, process and outcome)
  • Focusing on specific challenges that caregivers are facing today
  • Passing all stages: ideation, conceptualisation, prototyping, usertesting and pitching
  • Involvement of experts and experts by experience through the whole process

DAY 4 – Thematic Day

  • International Keynote on creative industries and care
  • Informal and peer-to-peer learning using the ‘unconference’ format
  • Thematic sessions with experts to dive deep into the following topics:
    • Psychiatry
    • Neighbourhood care
    • Migration and care

DAY 5 – Personal Wellbeing

  • Morning yoga session
  • Energy Lab: intensive and inspiring workshop on energy work/private life balance at an unknown location (focus on group dynamics & creativity)
  • Meditation
  • Closing moment


3 ECTS credits can be awarded upon successful completion of the programme.  

Registration fee

Students: to be confirmed by February at latest

Professionals: to be confirmed by February at latest

The fee includes course material, coffee breaks, one group dinner and social activities. Does not include lunch, accommodation or travel costs.

University of Antwerp Students are entitled to a refund of €150 after completion of the summer school.

Application details

Will be available through Mobility Online by February 2019.