Ivo Dewit is doctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp, Belgium with a background in business studies, change management and product development. His current research focuses on:

  1. increasing the efficiency of the process from early stage (FEI) ideation of new products and services towards feasible market opportunities in organisations.
  2. well-designed products and services result from a thorough understanding of the needs of users. The importance of a user-centred approach cannot be emphasized enough.
  3. the design of product service systems that account for a prolonged life span due to a combination of products and services, their unique interaction with the user and the experience it leverages.
  4. co-founder of Service Design Network (SDN) Belgium.

Stina Vanhoof (Service Designer at Knight Moves / co-founder of Service Design Network (SDN) Belgium) would love to see service design as a more established discipline in which different parties are involved. Bridging industry, design, and academia to share skills and knowledge on service design.

Wim Putzeys (Service designer at Peel / co-founder of Service Design Network (SDN) Belgium): there is a growing potential for service design in Belgium and a growing group of practitioners at service providers and public and private organizations. I believe our Chapter can provide a great opportunity to bring students, academics, practitioners and the people who need their expertise together, and to help the discipline to develop and incorporate new perspectives.

Nathalie Goethals is founder & director of !DROPS npo, Ghent, Belgium. She has a master in antropology and Japanese studies and has a strong passion for and belief in the fusion of social innovation, design and healthcare. She’s looking forward to see how this ‘marriage’ will evolve to a higher level.

Anna Kint is project designer and facilitator at !DROPS. She has a background in social innovation, social entrepreneurship and human-centered design. Using design processes to create social impact is what drives her.