Anna Kint is project designer and facilitator at !DROPS. She has a background in social innovation, social entrepreneurship and human-centered design. Using design processes to create social impact is what drives her.

Annelys de Vet: Founder & Director - Disarming Design from Palestine; Course Leader Design Department - Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam; Founder - Subjective Atlas Foundation. She will teach 'storytelling through design, a think tank for visual strategies’.

Christel De Maeyer has an international career in the Digital Media space for over 30 years. In 2017, she was nominated by De Tijd as one of the Top 50 tech pioneers in Belgium.  Christel De Maeyer holds an International Master’s Degree in New Media and European Society and in Communication Science, VUB, Brussels. where she researched wearable devices and behavior change. In 2008 she got involved in the Persuasive Technology Lab at Stanford University, working on behavior design with the team of Dr. BJ Fogg in the area of Peace Innovation and wearable technology.  She is a Ph.D. candidate at User Centered Engineering Group, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology. Christel is employed at Artevelde University College as a researcher and lecturer in Innovation Management in Graphic and Digital Media Department and the Department of International Business Management.

Elizabeth (Lies) Verhetsel - Twisted Studio. Lies has a background in psychology, project and policy work in Belgium and in developing countries. She uses service design as a framework for participative projects and social innovation. Lies is strong in bringing ideas together and finding the connecting thread. She has plenty of experience with running multi-stakeholder projects. She knows how empathy and respect for different points of view are the key to a enthusiastic and successful cooperation.

Gert Linthout: since 2003 I am active at Möbius Business Redesign, where I advise a broad spectrum of organisations to rethink and (re)design how to create value and realize their purpose.  My passion is mainly in design-for-value, circular economy and continuous improvement.  As a Bio-Engineer and father of 2, I like to look further than individual organisations, convinced that economy can thrive within planetary boundaries. For this reason my partner Jona and I recently founded Mic Mac Minuscule as a circular one-shop-stop service for 2nd hand birth lists.  Furthermore, I am board member at Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken, a socia-cultural movement that promotes a sustainable lifestyle to citizens.

GLIMPS engages a strategic transition towards an open bio-based economy. We operate a novel approach across biology, design and architecture. Our activities span from biomaterials to bio-inspired design and biofabrication. Our mission is to accelerate our transition to sustainable material use. We offer product design services, we create experiential installations for exhibitions and develop professional trainings in biofabrication. GLIMPS will be giving a prototyping workshop.

Hendrikje Meyvis is project designer and facilitator at !DROPS. She holds a bachelor degree in Social work, an advanced bachelor degree in Arts Therapy and a Master degree in Cultural Management from the University of Antwerp. She started her career working with youth at risk and worked for the umbrella-organisation of Flemish NGO’s. Hendrikje started her own social design brand in Morocco: Carpet of Life, in which innovation, crafts & cultural heritage are the main focus. Since February 2016, Hendrikje joined !DROPS, where she combines her passion for creativity, entrepreneurship and social impact. She works within the fields of superdiversity and global innovation.

Hester Ezra - Studio Hester Ezra. Her background in design has led to using design thinking processes to find solutions for impending social challenges. Combining 20 years of global experience, she has an innate sense of forecasting trends and movements to build sustainable brands and businesses. Studio Hester Ezra also heads a creative collective which shares the knowledge and love for good design and business.

Ivo Dewit is doctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp, Belgium with a background in business studies, change management and product development. His current research focuses on:

  1. increasing the efficiency of the process from early stage (FEI) ideation of new products and services towards feasible market opportunities in organisations.
  2. well-designed products and services result from a thorough understanding of the needs of users. The importance of a user-centred approach cannot be emphasized enough.
  3. the design of product service systems that account for a prolonged life span due to a combination of products and services, their unique interaction with the user and the experience it leverages.
  4. co-founder of Service Design Network (SDN) Belgium.

Laura Vantornhout is project designer and facilitator at !DROPS. She holds a Master degree in Agro- and Ecosystems Engineering, with a main focus on tropical agriculture and its socio-economic characteristics and challenges. After her studies, she started a post-graduate program in innovative entrepreneurship for engineers which led her to her current position at !DROPS in 2017. Laura has been responsible for the project Studio Digital, and has been involved in many other projects in the field of New Learning and Sustainability.

Marie Denys is a service designer at Knight Moves. She is always switching between a listener and an observer role. Taking into account all perspectives and needs of the people involved she makes her way through every design process to reach the top for the ideal user experience. As a proud member of the Belgian service design chapter she wants to spread the word of service design and bring together everyone with a passion for people.

Marlies Deforche - Twisted Studio. Marlies combines her service design agency, Twisted Studio, with a position as teacher in Crossmedia Design at AP university-college. She has an international background in social service design. Marlies has a talent for developing solutions at a very concrete level. She digs into the details that are important to users and analyses these into design challenges that wouldn’t have been found by others.

Nathalie Goethals is founder & director of !DROPS. She has a master in antropology and Japanese studies and has a strong passion for and belief in the fusion of social innovation, design and healthcare. She’s looking forward to see how this ‘marriage’ will evolve to a higher level.

Sebastiaan de Neubourg is a sideways thinker, professional dreamer and DIY entrepreneur. Sebastiaan is the founder of w.r.yuma and launched world’s first 3D printed sunglasses from plastic waste. The startup is on a mission to kickstart a future where waste is a concept of the past.

Stina Vanhoof (Service Designer at Knight Moves / co-founder of Service Design Network (SDN) Belgium) would love to see service design as a more established discipline in which different parties are involved. Bridging industry, design, and academia to share skills and knowledge on service design.

Wim Putzeys (Service designer at Peel / co-founder of Service Design Network (SDN) Belgium): there is a growing potential for service design in Belgium and a growing group of practitioners at service providers and public and private organizations. I believe our Chapter can provide a great opportunity to bring students, academics, practitioners and the people who need their expertise together, and to help the discipline to develop and incorporate new perspectives.

Yara Al Adib (From Syria with Love): Born in Syria to Syrian parents, raised in an American context in Kuwait, educated in Lebanon (Graphic Design), and mastered in Italy (Service Design). A true citizen of the world who believes that well-thought of design and structure can create great social impact. After working in the corporate design sector for 4 years Yara decided to shift gears and enter the social sector. She founded a catering social enterprise "From Syria with Love" that empower stay home-mothers who have recently fled to Belgium to seek a new safe haven. "Cooking their typical dishes will allow the chefs to regain their self-confidence, recall the good memories of home, spread their culture to the Belgian audience, and find a sense of purpose and belonging (away from their beloved broken Syria)." Yara has been managing the business (front and back end) for the past 3 years, acting as a mediator and mentor amongst the five mothers. A designer design[ed] to create change…