Course description

The Immersive Lab of the AP University College investigates how advanced storytelling can intensify the user experience in a 360° environment. Too often VR is used as a gimmick, while still using the grammar of old media such as movies or games. Storytellers have to learn the technical and productional side of immersive storytelling and they have to investigate how to embed new opportunities into new and old narrative techniques. The outcome of this research project is a set of tools that can be used by creatives, producers, programmers, … in the production process of a virtual reality experience. Participants of the summer school ‘Storytelling in virtual reality. An immersive encounter.’ are given the opportunity to work with this toolbox in multidisciplinary teams. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, they will conceive and create a VR experience using the facilities of the Immersive Lab. During these 10 days you will learn about the mechanisms of immersion, user-centered storytelling, interactive design, combining analogue and digital prototyping, 360° recording and editing, coding and user testing.