Kristof Timmerman

Kristof Timmerman studied Product Development and Theater Science (UA). As an artist he has many years of experience with performances and installations in which Virtual Reality and other immersive techniques are being used. He is chairman of MAXlab, the research platform of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp on the interaction between art and digital technology. He is the coordinator of the research project Show & Tell! and of this summer school.

Silvia Van Aken

After the master Communication (KU Leuven), Silvia Van Aken (PhD) acquired years of project experience in the broad communication and journalistic sector. In 2007 she started as a lecturer (interaction design methods) and researcher visual studies (LUCA School of Arts Genk). She supervised student projects on 360° video, VR, interactive stories and installations. She specialized in audiovisual and narrative techniques and in user experience and gave lectures at national and international scientific conferences. Since 2016 she has been working for Graphical & Digital Media at the AP University College as a lecturer and researcher. Silvia is currently responsible for the multidisciplinary research project Show & Tell!.

Jeroen Cluckers

Jeroen Cluckers is a video artist and filmmaker. He creates audiovisual dreamscapes that explore, question and transform the boundaries between fiction and reality, digital and analog, cinema and painting, image and imagination. Quickly after obtaining his Master in Fine Art (Media Art at KASK Gent), his work was picked up internationally. Today it has been exhibited in more than 40 countries worldwide, at festivals, musea and galleries and received several awards. Since 2017 he is connected to Graphical and Digital Media as a Lecturer-Researcher, and conducts research in immersive storytelling in the research project Show & Tell!.

Wannes Heirman

Wannes Heirman (PhD) is a postdoctoral researcher and professor at the University of Antwerp and AP University College. His research interests include various areas (e.g. online privacy and cyberbullying). He has already published extensively on these topics in international peer-reviewed journals. Wannes Heirman is also involved in several international research projects, including the COST Cyberbullying program funded by Europe and the World Internet Project (WIP). He was also involved in the two most recent publications of the Belgian Observatory for the Rights on the Internet ('Cyber bullying on minors' and 'E-marketing and minors'). Recently he broadened his research interest by joining as Senior Researcher in the GIDZ (‘Gastgerichtheid In De Zorg’) project of the AP University College.

Frederik Marain

Frederik Marain obtained a master in Philosophy and a master in Economics (KU Leuven). He followed an MBA Strategy at Vlerick Leuven Gent Business School. From 1988 to 1996 he was a business editor at the editorial office Economics of the newspaper De Standaard, where he reported the news and trends of the Belgian and international business. After eight years, he became the chief editor/publisher of the Flemish Internet company Planet Internet Belgium, a company that he also founded. At the moment he is an independent internet journalist and strategic consultant at The Reference, where he gives advice to companies willing to migrate to the next web environment. Since 1999, Frederik has been teaching journalism at various educational institutions, including AP University College Antwerp. Frederik is a researcher for the Show & Tell project, for which he is doing journalistic experiments.

Tom Peeters

Tom Peeters graduated as a Master of Industrial Sciences, specialized in Electronics-ICT (Thomas More). He started in 2003 as a software engineer and project manager for Agfa-Gevaert. Since 2009 he is lecturer software and web development at AP University College and responsible for the international collaboration projects of Electronics-ICT. He is a senior researcher and has worked on several projects, such as AP Goes Digital (e-learning) and Show & Tell! Immersive Storytelling, where he is responsible for the technical aspects (Unity, smart objects).