Week 1: Prototype design

In the morning of each day in the first week the participants will be immersed into the world of storytelling with inspirational guest lectures, theoretical models and practical tools, analysis, demo's and the input of the summer school coaches.
In the afternoon the participants work in teams on the development of their own virtual reality production. In this first week the story will be constructed during different workshops and with support of the coaches.

Week 2: Prototype production

In the second week of the summer school the production plan of each team will be executed, with support of the coaches. Where necessary, the coaches will provide the participants with extra courses and tutorials (Unity, Adobe After Effects, Première, 3D Modeling, …). In the Immersive Lab they will work on the recordings, post-production, sound design, prototype building and usability testing. On the last day each team will present their virtual reality production.

Usability testing: do’s and don’ts

Usability Research is a critical part of the workflow as an experience designer. Conducting research allows designers to gain an understanding of how people interact and perceive their immersive experience. Dr Wannes Heirman will talk about the approach of descent and useful usability testing in order to turn guesswork into a learning experience. The summer school coaches will help to set up the usability testing sessions.