In a nutshell

Postponed until July 2021: the 2020 edition is cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


6 - 13 July 2020


The Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccination (CEV) of the University of Antwerp invites you to join in an unforgettable one week summer school to boost your knowledge and skills on vaccine preventable infectious diseases, vaccinations, vaccine related immunology and vaccine safety issues.


University of Antwerp
Stadscampus - Hof van Liere
Prinsstraat 13
2000 Antwerp (Belgium)


Undergraduate and postgraduate students in (para-)medical sciences.

Language course


External partners

ESPID, WHO-Euro, EMSA-Antwerp, Rotary-Antwerp

Course description

The Centre for the Evaluation of Vaccination (CEV) organises in 2020 the 12th edition of the Summer School on Vaccinology for students. This training course focuses on vaccines, infectious diseases, immunization programmes and many other aspects of immunization, such as communication and vaccine safety. The overall aim is to improve the current knowledge and skills related to vaccines for (para-)medical students, thus closing a gap in many curricula.

A maximum of fifty participants is allowed and the audience is balanced for gender and nationality. Experts in the field are coming from all over Europe to give lectures. There are ex cathedra sessions, but also hands-on workshops on the administration of vaccines, workshops on communication skills and a group task that is presented at the end of the course.

The social programme is organised with the help of an enthusiastic group of Antwerp medical students from EMSA (European Medical Students Association). They guide you around the bustling city of Antwerp and organise touristic and social activities.


3 ECTS credits are awarded upon successful completion of the programme.

Registration fee

Undergraduate students: €600

Postgraduate students: €1000

Non-students: €1300

Fee includes course material, accommodation, coffee breaks, all meals on course days, social activities and a farewell dinner.


Scholarships are available for undergraduate students from the WHO-European region.

* Scholarships cover the registration fee which includes course material, accommodation, coffee breaks, all meals on course days, social activities and a farewell dinner *

ESPID-members (for at least two years) benefit from a reduced registration fee.

University of Antwerp students are entitled to a refund of €150, see website for details.

Limited number of reduced fees of €50 available for refugees.

Application details

Online through Mobility Online.

Application deadline

Will be published by December 2020.