Some reactions on the 2022 summer school:

"I learnt a lot from the presentations and social activities, but most importantly the side-chats I had with participants and speakers. I left Antwerp with confidence in my career growth plan in children’s literature and media - the field I have been in for 8 years now and that I enjoy the most."

"Through cross-cultural exchange of ideas, people learned from the experience and knowledge of others. Ties among researchers, strengthened and fostered mutual understanding and professional enrichment."

"Children's Literature summer school is one of the most amazing places for boosting the knowledge in such short time."

"Everyone at the summer school was so friendly and I came away from every single talk and workshop, excited and brimming with new ideas.

Some reactions on the 2020 summer school:

"The workshops offer a more intimate way for students to engage with material. Learning is collaborative rather than simply a one-way lecture format. The international connections are unparalleled."

"Great atmosphere, creative use of the Blackboard platform (which is the best online platform out of all that I used so far), opportunity to interact and collaborate via break-out groups with other participants, the opportunity to meet scholars and students from different parts of the world who work in different fields and explore different topics."

Some reactions on the 2019 summer school:

"The lectures and the fairy-tale workshops were engaging and extremely thought-provoking. I rarely felt so inspired by an academic context and, from talking with other participants, I can say that this was a shared feeling across the board. It was a great conclusion to this academic year and I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of it."

Some reactions on the 2018 summer school:

“It's my hope that this specific summer school about Children's literature may continue for at least the next ten years. It was inspiring and motivating, not only by following all of the classes but also by the people who took part in it.”

“I absolutely loved the positive energy that everyone had, the interaction between speakers and students and just generally everything I've learned. I will sign up for next year's edition.”