Web statistics in Google Analytics

The University of Antwerp has a Google Analytics account which allows us to monitor www.uantwerpen.be / www.uantwerp.be

All faculties and some of the larger institutes and units already have access to a particular area of this account where they can view visitor data for their subsection of the website.

We can also put together pdf reports for research groups and projects containing statistics for a certain period. For example:

  • users

  • sessions

  • unique page views

  • average time on site

  • average number of pages visited

  • top x number of pages visited

  • bounce rate

  • channels through which visitors land on the website

  • referrals from other websites

Content managers who are familiar with Google Analytics can request access to adapted reports in the Google Analytics account itself. A Gmail account is required for this.

Do you have a question? Contact webredactie@uantwerpen.be