Towards a mobile-first, user-friendly website

Since May 2016, based on thorough user research, we’ve been taking steps towards a mobile-first and (more) user-friendly website.

Our partner Internet Architects is supporting us in this process. They use Customer Carewords’ internationally recognised top task strategy.

Redesign - voorbeeld2020: mobile first redesign

If everything goes according to plan, we’ll be taking a big step in the optimisation process for the website in 2020.

We’re planning a redesign of the website. This redesign:

  • is mobile first;
  • has been developed according to the new, fresh house style;
  • is user-friendly;
  • will help us take several steps towards offering an accessible website (according to Anysurfer guidelines).

The redesign will be based on the existing content elements and will be implemented on all existing website content. No content needs to be transferred to a ‘new website’ – our existing website will just be getting a new look. In this phase, no new content elements will be added yet, because the focus is on transforming the current databases technically to enable the redesign.

The new design will affect the way you present information on your website As an editor, you’ll have to be available during the transition to check the presentation of your website and adjust it to the new look. Further communication on this topic will follow in the coming months. Keep an eye on your mailbox for the ‘Webinfo’ newsletter. Below you’ll find a preliminary schedule, but this is still subject to change.