Web editors

Web editors ensure that the content on their web pages:

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Overview of web editors

Our web editors receive web training and know about all the opportunities and conventions when it comes to the website. If you have any questions about the website, they are the ones to turn to.

List of content managers (Excel - last updated January 2019).

Every faculty, research group, centre, project, etc. has a web editor.

We try to limit the number of web editors to keep our web editing as efficient and consistent as possible. One central editor who has mastered the content management system works a lot faster than five web editors who each edit a small piece and very rarely log in. One central editor per subsite also guarantees a better overview of the subsite.

A project, conference or collaboration with its own subsite should preferably be maintained by a web editor from the faculty or research group. If this isn’t possible, they can also appoint a new web editor.

A web editor who hasn’t done any web editing for a year loses his or her editing permission.