Web editors

Below you’ll find a ‘nutshell’ overview of the responsibilities and roles editors have and when you do and don’t need write permission.

What does an editor do?

An editor is responsible for ensuring that their entity’s web pages are up-to-date, correct and user-friendly. Together we make the UAntwerp website an excellent business card for our university, and a user-friendly tool for all our visitors.

How many editors are needed?

One web editor who manages an entire subsite and has mastered the content management system is much more efficient than several editors who each edit small pieces of text and only need to log in occasionally. Splitting up responsibilities wastes time and is not conducive to creating a coherent, user-friendly website.

What should editors be able to do?

  • You should have good editing skills.
  • You should be able to organise information into logical sections and present it in a user-friendly way.
  • You should know what terms like 'navigation', 'URL', 'tab', 'browser', 'copy-paste' and 'pixel' mean.
  • You should be able to perform simple basic image editing tasks: save to your hard disk, crop into the desired format, upload to the web server (using our guidelines, tools and instructional videos).

If you find any of these things difficult, there are two options: either appoint another editor in your faculty or department who can help you edit and maintain the information you want to communicate on the website, or follow a basic computer skills course offered by our HR Department or a different provider.

Permission levels

There are two levels of editing rights:

  • Web page editors: navigation + content management
    One or two people per subsite who are responsible for the entire website. They serve as the points of contact for all web editing issues.
  • Web content editors: content management
    Editors that only modify and correct content on existing web pages. They are coached by the web page editors. The webpage editors for their subsites are their first points of contact.

Overview of web editors

List of content managers: consult the Content Management Plan on Pintra