Situation of registrations (20 March - 1:00 pm)

  • There are no spots left for "sustainable living".
  • There are no spots left for "vegan cooking".
  • There are no spots left for "just transition".
  • There is 1 spot left for "sustainable fashion".

Registration Masterclass for Sustainable Development 2019

The masterclass takes place from Friday 22th of March (19h) until Sunday 24th of March (15h) at Scoutshuis, Wilrijkstraat 45 in Antwerpen. It is a sleepover program. Participants are expected to attend from the start until the end.

Per track, the first 75% of the spots are “first come, first served”. This page will keep track of the progress of the registrations. The candidates for the last 25 % of the spots will be assessed by the organizing committee, for which your profile and the diversity of the group will be taken into consideration.

Students pay 35 euros, non-students 50 euros. Instructions for payment will be sent after your subscription. A fee waiver can be considered by the organizing committee. Send a motivated e-mail to

All tracks are open for people between 18 and 35 years old.

A good knowledge of English is needed to allow your active participation.

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Sustainable fashion (20 spots) *       
Just transition (15 spots) *     
Sustainable living (15 spots) *   
Vegan Cooking with surpluses (10 spots) * 

What motivates you to participate in this masterclass and what is the reason for your track choice? Please elaborate in min. 5 and max. 15 lines. * 

During the open spaces on Saturday evening, you can share an experience, open a debate or start a brainstorm session (optional). Your session takes 20 minutes and will be without the use of PowerPoint. A catchy and clear topic description will help your session to stand out of the crowd and attract a broad audience.
I would like to facilitate an open space session and this is my (irresistible) topic:

We will only serve vegetarian food with a vegan option, do you have any further dietary requirements?

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