Track 2: Global value chain of the banana - language used: English

Bananas! We all know them. Or do we? This track is set on the everyday banana Cavendish seen through the lens of sustainable development goals. During the weekend you will participate in sessions with panel discussions, questions, and co-creation as well as participate in a port tour to Antwerp harbour, the largest fruit harbour in Europe. The everyday banana raises a lot of questions. Today the Cavendish is about to be wiped out by panama disease. Can it be saved? Should it be saved and under which conditions? How are conditions for people working with and trading bananas? How sustainable is the transport of the global banana? These questions and the sessions will give you an understanding of the mechanism of the entire chain and the (un)sustainable links in the banana value chain. This will prepare you and your fellow participants to work actively on the creation of a new (more) sustainable banana chain.