Track 3: Sorting waste in the streets of Antwerp - language used: Dutch

In this track we invite you to co-create with us and optimize the waste management of the city of Antwerp. Currently, the city of Antwerp is investing in the so-called “sorteerstraatjes”. These are places where families can drop their waste in underground containers which obviates the need from trucks collecting the bags of waste on the side of the streets. However, there are some problems with the organic waste fraction (GFT) related to the people’s sorting behavior. This is why we want to invite you to join our track to rethink and co-create with us the new innovative organic waste ‘feeding’ system. The sessions will be guided by two researchers of Product Development (UAntwerpen), to whom the assignment was given by the city.

No need to be a designer, because in a co-creation process it is important to have different types of people each approaching the problem from a different perspective.

Short overview of the track:

  1. Supported deep dive into the problem
  2. How to influence the behavior of the users without reducing their comfort  (using different tools)
  3. Co-creating/ building the new solution (construction of the new solution with tape, cardboard, …)
  4. Testing of the results

! because this track is closely related with a research project, the sessions might be recorded and all information will be collected for further research purposes

The language used for this track will be Dutch.

Picture owned by Woonhaven Antwerpen