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Research Afternoon Faculty of Business and Economics, 21 November 2018

The Research Committee of the Faculty of Business and Economics organises a Research Afternoon.

During this Research Afternoon, we give the floor to recently hired (full-time) ZAP-members: they will briefly present their research. In this way, the other FAE researchers get to know these ‘new’ ZAP-members and their research – and vice versa: there will be room for discussion and questions, and for informal talks during the reception. The Research Afternoon opens with a presentation from the new Dean about the research policy of our Faculty.

When: 21 November 2018, 13h30-16h00 and afterwards a reception

Where: Grauwzusters Cloister (Building S, Lange Sint-Annastraat 7, Antwerp)

Speakers: Koen Vandenbempt, Kenneth Sörensen, Sascha Albers, Luca Paolo Merlino, Ine Paeleman, Roland Winkler, Steven Van Passel and Sunčica Vujic



13h30-13h45      Research Policy FBE                      Dean and chairman Research Committee FBE

13h45-14h00      Presentation research                  Sascha Albers (MNG): 'Organizing and strategizing inter-organizational relationships'

14h00-14h05      Questions and discussion            Plenum

14h05-14h20      Presentation research                  Luca Paolo Merlino (AEC): 'Social interactions and market outcomes'

14h20-14h25      Questions and discussion            Plenum

14h25-14h40      Presentation research                  Ine Paeleman (ACF): 'Crossing boundaries between entrepreneurship, finance and management disciplines'

14h40-14h45      Questions and discussion            Plenum

14h45-15h00      Presentation research                  Roland Winkler (AEC): 'The effects of government spending'

15h00-15h05      Questions and discussion            Plenum

15h05-15h20      Presentation research                  Steven Van Passel (ENM): 'EnvEcon @UAntwerp'

15h20-15h25      Questions and discussion            Plenum

15h25-15h40      Presentation research                  Sunčica Vujic (AEC): 'The social benefits of eduacation'

15h40-15h45      Questions and discussion            Plenum

16h00-17h30      Reception                  


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