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The Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) stimulates research in different ways, provides staff and budgets, and indicates priorities via the ‘research model’ (see hereafter), but research operationalisation and innovation is the responsibility of the research departments/groups. The translation of FBE’s mission in specific research activities and niches is done by the research departments/groups. Research activities and topics of FBE are based on the subsidiarity principle: research departments/groups are defining their own research niches and innovation strategy. This is based on the available expertise in the research departments/groups and on the development of new, innovative research topics. Research departments/groups’ strategies must of course align with the frameworks and research policy imposed by FBE and the UAntwerp research policy.

The departments or research groups are decentralised administrative units for well-defined disciplines which are providing scientific research, education and academic services, along with the academic personnel who make up their staff, and for the tasks allocated to them by the faculty. FBE currently has seven research departments/groups. Most of these research groups are the same as in other faculties of business and economics. Two of the seven research groups, i.e. ‘Management’ and ‘Engineering Management’ have established research subgroups that focus on more specific research topics.

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