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Politics in Populist Times

Prof. dr. Cas Mudde will give 5 lectures as Francqui Chair 2017 - 2018, on “Politics in Populist Times”.

8/3/2018 “From the Margins to The Mainstream, Three Decades of the Populist Radical Right”- Grauwzusters (opening lecture, registration form)

9/3/2018 “Women and the Populist Radical Right: Caught between feminism and Sexism – lokaal B.002 - 10.30

12/3/2018 “The Study of the Populist Radical Right: Time to Cath Up with the Reality” – lokaal M.005 - 10.30

18/5/2018 “The Belgian Radical Right in European Perspective” – R002 – 8.30 – 10.30 

18/5/2018 “The Transformation of European Politics: Exit, Voice and Loyalty” – M.001 – 13u – 15u



Registrations are closed.