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Honours Seminarie - Overzicht lezingen 2017-2018

From the sun till plasma-tv's: Plasma in our daily life

Prof. dr. Annemie Bogaerts (PLASMANT, Department of Chemistry)

Woensdag 8 november 2017 - 16u-18u - Locatie: CGB U.244


Data Analytics

Prof. dr. Bart Goethals (ADReM, Department of Mathematics - Computer Science)

Woensdag 15 november 2017  - 16u-18u -  Locatie: CGB U.244 


Enviromagnetism: an added value to environmental analysis?

Prof. dr. Roeland Samson (ENdEMIC, Department of Bioengineering)

Vrijdag 1 december 2017  - 16u-18u -  Locatie: CGB U.244


Superconductivity – over one century of challenge and promise

Prof. dr. Milorad Milosevic (CMT, Department of Physics)

Vrijdag 15 december 2017 - 16u-18u -  Locatie: CGB U.244


Why quantum computers are great (and can destroy your life)

Prof. dr. Alain Verschoren (Department of Mathematics - Computer Science

Woensdag 28 februari 2018 - 16u-18u -  Locatie: CGB U.244


The Enigma of Motor Control in Animals and Humans

Prof. dr. Peter Aerts (FUNMORPH, Department of Biology)

Woensdag 14 maart 2018 - 16u-18u -  Locatie: CGB U.244


Real-time biomedical imaging techniques using parallel programming

Dr. Sam Van der Jeught (BIMEF, Department of Physics)

Woensdag 21 maart 2018 - 16u-18u -  Locatie: CGB U.244


The Black Death cycling: plague in gerbils in the desert in Kazakhstan

Prof. dr. Herwig Leirs (EVECO, Department of Biology)

Woensdag 28 maart 2018 - 16u-18u -  Locatie: CGB U.244