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Honours Seminarie - Lezingen 2018-2019


   Prof. dr. Sammy Verbruggen (DuEL, Department of Bioengineering)
   Photocatalysis: using light to clean the air


   Prof. dr. Ivan Janssens (PLECO, Departement of Biology)
   Using ecosystems to revert climate change


   Prof. dr. Pegie Cool (LADCA, Department of Chemistry)
   The exciting journey towards a more sustainable car catalyst


   Prof. dr. Kris Laukens (Adrem, BIOMINA, Department of Mathematics - Computer Science)
   Network biology, or hacking the molecular networks of life


   Prof. dr. Paul Scheunders (Vision Lab, Department of Physics)
   Remote Sensing of the Earth: an interdisciplinary research challenge


   Prof. dr. Erik Neyts (PLASMANT, Department of Chemistry)
   Atomic scale modeling: what can we learn from it?


   Prof. dr. Wim Vanroose (Applied mathematics, Department of Mathematics - Computer Science)
   Introduction to the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions


   Prof. dr. Sofie Cambré (ECM, Department of Physics)
   Carbon nanotubes: from functionalisation and advanced spectroscopic characterization to application