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Masterclass Professor Laurajane Smith

On 29 March 2018, the Department of Heritage Studies hosted a masterclass by Professor Laurajane Smith entitled ‘Affective Heritage Practices’ which addressed heritage, affect and emotion.

Drawing on research that is the subject of her new book, Laurajane discussed the inter-relation between heritage and emotion. She discussed competing theoretical positions to put forward a pragmatic understanding of heritage, affect and emotion that identifies the social and political work that heritage, as an affective practice, undertakes. 

The class considered how a consideration of emotion opens the conceptual space within heritage studies to critically address issues of human agency and the role of heritage in social and political struggles for recognition and redistribution, intergenerational communication and the construction of sense of place, wellbeing and identity.

About Laurajane Smith
Understanding of heritage studies as an area of policy analysis and as a cultural process worthy of critical examination is central to Laurajanes work. Her work challenges the idea of heritage as primarily or simply an ‘object’ or ‘site’, and re-theorises heritage as a cultural process of meaning and memory making. More particularly, her research interests include understanding the way heritage is used as a cultural tool in the process of remembering, forgetting and identity construction; the re-theorisation of heritage; the politics of heritage; the interplay between class and heritage; multiculturalism and heritage representation; community heritage; heritage tourism and heritage public policy and the cultural politics of identity.

Laurajane Smith

Laurajane Smith