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Doctoral study programme

The Faculty of Business and Economics has a specific doctoral study programme,  which is integrated in the competence profile of the ADS.

The  study programme is flexible and individual. Only discipline specific activities are recognized.

The guidelines for the doctoral study programme are available in Dutch and English

Additional information can be found in the presentation of the Information session for PhD students (03/2018).

Annual evaluation

Each year, before 1 May, the PhD student submits a progress report to his/her individual PhD commission. As of 2017 the progress report has to be entered in SisA.

The PhD student will report on both the research progress and the progress in the doctoral study programme.  This information will be entered in separate webforms.  → Doctorate (Doctoraat) → Research progress (Voortgang Onderzoek) & Doctoral training progress (Voortgang doctoraatsopleiding).

The individual PhD commission discusses the PhD student's file within six weeks after the submission of this report. The individual PhD commission will invite the PhD student for a personal interview.

Handing in the progress report is mandatory.

SisA manual for PhD students:

Instructions in English

Handleiding in het Nederlands