Doctoral Day 29 November 2019

Praktische informatie

Datum: Vrijdag 29 november 2019

Voertaal: Engels

Locatie: Stadscampus (CST), lokaal R.008    (namiddag: R.230)


8:30       Registratie

9:00       Welcome and introduction

                             -- Prof. dr. Philippe Meers (Antwerp Doctoral School)

9:30       Doctoral education @UAntwerp: the Antwerp doctoral programme

                             -- dr. Margaux Kersschot (Antwerp Doctoral School)

- 10:00     Coffee break -

10:30     Research integrity & RDM (incl. UPRIGHT tool and dilemma games)

                             -- dr. Jord Hanus (Research Affairs Unit)

11:30     VABAP, WDW, MONDO

                             -- Laura Cleton (VABAP), Anvesh Jallapally (WDW), Katleen Anthierens (MONDO)

- 12:15     Lunch break -

13:15     On science and scientific research

                              -- prof. dr. Gert Verschraegen (Sociology Department)

14:15     All the practicalities to successfully conclude your doctoral study programme

                              -- Simone Kramer (Antwerp Doctoral School)

15:00     Well-being and safety

                               -- Kristel Kuypers (Health and Safety Department)



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