Excel: Data-analyses, Simulations and Statistic functions


Experience with the topics in Excel, knowledge about functions and databases in Excel.

Purpose of the training:

This training covers key topics of Excel that are not covered in the training Excel Basic and Excel Advanced.
Important decisions are often made on the basis of the available data. Excel offers a range of highly sophisticated features to implement based on available data simulations, (statistical ) analysis and scenarios.
The techniques and functions may be used to unravel various types of complex business issues, and to find optimal solutions.


Goal seek:

  • Purpose and simulations with goal seek


  • Purpose of solver
  • Examples solver


  • Purpose of scenario’s

Basic statistical functions:

Overview of te basic statistical functions van the basisfuncties:

  • Average/ Averagea
  • Geomean
  • Median
  • Rank, Mode, Small, Large

frequency distribution

  • The function Frequency
  • The function frequency in a matrix
  • Frequency in the analyses add-in

Functions to compare data:

  • The function Var and VarA
  • The function Stdev and Stdeva
  • The function Covar (with and without data analyses)
  • The function Correl (with and without data analyses)

Forecasting and prognoses:

  • The function Forecast
  • Trends
  • The function Growth

Probability (optional)

  • Permutations
  • Probability in a normal distribution
  • Probability in a Binomial distribution
  • Rand function

Analysis Toolpak

  • Descriptive statistics in Analysis Toolpak
  • Moving average
  • Samples


Practical information


1 day: 3 Feb. 2020


9h30 till 17h00


Stadscampus - Building P - Room P.117


Bit by Bit

Language of the course:



This course counts for 0,7 docop-points.


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