OrBITS: A Cloud-Based Image Analysis and Drug Screening platform

OrBITS Platform provides a broad variety of in vitro cancer screening models, paired with the most advanced image analysis software.

Whether it’s the simplest 2D monolayer or complex 3D patient-derived organoids, we offer our services:

1)     High-throughput anti-cancer drug screening based on live-cell imaging

2)     Artificial intelligence-driven image analysis and cloud-based data storage

Situation before

For cancer research, choosing the correct model is the basis for any experiment, whether it is fundamental research or cancer screening. Limitations to the model has resulted in high failure rates during translation from preclinical research to clinical trials, resulting in extreme forfeiture in labor and financial loss. While the field is evolving beyond the use of traditional in vitro 2D monolayer cultures, to 3D tumor models, these models are not easily accessible to researchers as they require state-of-the-art infrastructure and extensive expertise. Furthermore, the available analysis methods have not been able to keep up with these advances or are blocked by exorbitant software paywalls. That is why we started OrBITS: to make advanced cancer models and image analysis easily accessible to all researchers.

Video: OrBITS Platform: A Cloud-Based Image Analysis and Drug Screening (pitch van 0:10 tot 05:48)


Drug Screening Services: Our platform has the ability to monitor 2D cell cultures, 3D cancer spheroids, and even 3D patient-derived organoids. These are the most advanced in vitro cancer model with promising applications for personalized cancer medicine.  We can perform high-throughput screening of your anticancer compound on a broad range of cancer models, based on your needs.  We can also assist with unraveling the drug method of action more in-depth by offering transcriptome analysis.

AI-Driven Image Analysis and Storage: Imaging is a pillar in pre-clinical cancer research technology, and 2 major challenges have been the laborious process of manual analysis and proper image storage and transfer. We address both issues.  Using an AI-driven software that we wrote and validated, our program can adapt to your needs as quickly as they evolve.  Furthermore, by using our cloud services, you can properly store and transfer your images and analysis results.

Partners we search for

OrBITS is here to provide you with the resources to accelerate your preclinical and clinical developments. Who can benefit?

Drug Screening Services

·         Cancer Researchers focused on Drug Discovery

·         Clinical Researchers

·         Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies

Image Analysis Service

·         Cancer Researchers using Microscopy or Live-Cell Imaging

·         Imaging Device Companies

·         About the researchers/research group:

The core team comes from a highly diverse background (oncology, computer science, and biomedical engineering) and was formed at the end of 2019 as part of the UAntwerp Center for Oncological Research (CORE) and Industrial Vision Lab (InViLab). Since then, they have set up state-of-the-art infrastructure for cancer research and drug screening. Led by Christophe Deben, the foremost expert in 3D patient-derived organoids in Antwerp, the team has won multiple awards and grants from both academia and industry. Their vision is to bring their technology to cancer researchers across the globe without the presence of exorbitant paywalls

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