Sustainability Assessment

The University of Antwerp hosts a broad expertise in the field of sustainability assessment, and more specifically in the field of life cycle assessment (LCA), techno-economic assessment (TEA) and ecodesign.

The expertise is focused on developing new assessment methodologies, as well as on quantitative and qualitative assessments of products, processes and policies.

Product Development

* Qualitative evaluation of products’ ecological impact over the complete life cycle

* Lifecycle thinking towards ecodesign products and product services systems development

*Assessment of design opportunities for a circular economy

Info: Els Du Bois, Karine Van Doorsselaer

Institute of Environment & Sustainable Development

* Interdisciplinary solutions for sustainability

* Bringing together natural sciences/engineering with social sciences, incl. economics

* Education on sustainability

Info: Jan Cools, Jessica BotsMonique Sys

Engineering Management

*Techno-economic assessment (TEA) to foster the development of clean technologies

* Expertise in methodological components towards sustainability assessment: life cycle costing (LCC), life cycle analysis (LCA), combination and integration of economic and environmental metrics to assess sustainability

Info: Steven Van Passel, Gwenny Thomassen, Tine Compernolle

Bio-Chemical Green Engineering & Materials

* Systemic innovations for circular materials

* Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of end-of-life materials processing

* Multi-objective optimization in support of sustainability driven decision making

Info: Pieter Billen

Energy and Materials in Infrastructure and Buildings

* Consequential and attributional LCA for construction materials, infrastructure works and buildings

* Environmental benefits by optimizing innovative road construction materials and processes

* Circular economy strategies in the building sector for products & systems on a building and district level

Info: Amaryllis Audenaert, Wim Van den Bergh, Matthias Buyle

Sustainable Energy, Air and Water Technology

* LCAs in the field of wastewater treatment and infrastructure, recovery of resources
* Material flow or substance flow evaluations for all water related systems

* Economic evaluation of water and wastewater related technologies

Info: Marc Spiller, Siegfried Vlaeminck, Michele Moretti

Centre for Research on Environmental and Social Change

* Expert – civil society relations, science and technology studies
* Participatory TA, social inclusion, sustainability transitions and system analysis
* Deliberation processes and policy evaluation methods

Info: Ilse Loots, Stijn Oosterlynck, Frederic Vandermoere

Transport and Regional Economics

* Calculation of operational and external costs for different transport and logistics scenarios
* Analysis of the cost and revenue potential (operational and external) of innovations in transport and logistics
* Identification of success and failure factors of innovative initiatives for sustainability in transport and logistics

Info: Thierry Vanelslander, Christa Sys, Edwin Van Hassel