NAO Social Robot v5

The NAO social robot (v5) is a 58cm bipedal, humanoid robot. Equipped with the Zora Solution software, which provides researchers with an easy way to use the robot without needing complex coding expertise, the robot is used to study human-robot interaction in the fields of communication, education, etc. The Zora software consists of several modules:

  • A series of pre-programmed applications and behaviors that allow the robot to dance, play or perform workout exercises
  • steering segment to control the robot’s movement and speech, but also record videos, express feelings, etc.
  • composer with a drag-and-drop mechanic to create fully personalised behavioral sequences.

 How to use the NAO social robot? 

You can find an online user guide here. 

Social Robot - Playing a game of Rock paper scissors

Social Robot - Dancing the Macarena