How Students Learn: Bridging Offline and Online Measures


Project: How Students Learn: Bridging Offline and Online Measures


Period: 2014-2018 (PhD project; BOF)

Short description

The research described in this dissertation aims to obtain a more comprehensive insight into students’ levels of processing when learning from expository texts by applying multi-method designs. In addition, we aimed to go beyond self-report measures and explored online measures that both capture conscious and unconscious processing activities and provided insight into the micro-processes associated with learning. More specifically, we explored eye movement registration and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) as online measurement methods with regard to students’ levels of processing. Gaining a more comprehensive understanding of students’ levels of processing is crucial for further theory building, and for providing students with adequate feedback on their learning. Three research questions were central in this dissertation:

  1. How are differences in levels of processing reflected in eye movements?
  2. How is the intersection between levels of processing and motivational characteristics reflected in eye movements?
  3. How can fMRI be used in order to examine levels of processing?

Key publications

Catrysse, L. (2018). How students learn: bridging the gap between online and offline measures (Doctoral dissertation, University of Antwerp, Belgium). Retrieved from

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