Project: It's All In The Surv(e)y(e)


Period: 2017-2021 (PhD project; BOF)

Short description

Self-report questionnaires ask respondents to answer questions about themselves and are widely used to measure beliefs, attitudes, feelings and opinions in diverse fields of research. Despite the fact that self-report questionnaires are widely used, some researchers take a critical stance towards using this type of questionnaire, as respondents are not always able to respond questions accurately. In order to value the quality of the retrieved data, it is critical to assess whether the responses to a questionnaire are a reliable representation of respondents' actual thoughts and beliefs. Generally, there is a black box concerning the processes that play a role while completing self-report questionnaires. Gaining an understanding of these processes could help to provide additional insight into the quality of questionnaire data.

Key publications

Chauliac, M., Catrysse, L., Gijbels, D., & Donche, V. (2020). It is all in the surv-eye: can eye tracking data shed light on the internal consistency in self-report questionnaires on cognitive processing strategies?. Frontline Learning Research, 8(3), 26-39. Doi: 10.14786/flr.v8i3.489