Publicaties in de kijker

Terranova, a popular stone imitation cladding : strategies and techniques for restoration
Govaerts Yves   Verdonck Ann   Meulebroeck Wendy   de Bouw Michael  
Historic mortars : advances in research and practical conservation / Hughes, John J. [edit.]
Climatic quality evaluation by peak analysis and segregation of low-, mid-, and high-frequency fluctuations, applied on a historic chapel
Anaf Willemien   Schalm Olivier  
Building and environment - ISSN 0360-1323-148 (2019) p. 286-293
A decision support system for preventive conservation : from measurements towards decision making
Schalm Olivier   Cabal Ana   Anaf Willemien   Leyva Pernia Diana   Callier Jan   Ortega Saez Natalia  
The European Physical Journal Plus - ISSN 2190-5444-134:2 (2019)
A challenging treatment of an 18th century embroidered textile using gel cleaning in combination with decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) silicone solvent barriers
Smets Anja   De Vis Kristel   Ortega Saez Natalia  
Conservar Patrimonio - ISSN 1646-043X- (2019) p. 1-12
Material analysis versus historical dye recipes: ingredients found in black dyed wool from five Belgian archives (1650-1850)
Ortega Saez Natalia   Vanden Berghe Ina   Schalm Olivier   de Munck Bert   Caen Joost  
Conservar Patrimonio - ISSN 1646-043X- (2019) p. 1-18

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