Call For Proposals

20 May 2022 - Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

Seminar initiated by Umut Eldem, Geoffa Fells and Giusy Caruso

The multidisciplinary potential of music has gained an increasingly more focal role in the last decades. With developments in technology, as well as ways of thinking, the use of sound as a component of multisensory medium of creation has been integrated into both our daily practices and how we interact with art. In performance and practice, new possibilities have opened new avenues in synaesthetic thinking, multisensory inclusivity, and technological interactivity.

Within these possibilities, can the artist consolidate the different senses, practices, and bodies of people in their own activities?

This seminar will deal with the incorporation of music on the multisensory and multidisciplinary stage as an inclusive medium. Researchers, artists, and anyone currently engaging with this subject are welcome to share their practices, experiences, and historical perspectives. The seminar will take place on May 20th at Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, Belgium.

Proposals for lectures/performances/workshops/installations are welcome. An honorary fee and participation certificate will be issued to the presenter. Suggested topics include:

Synaesthetic Perspectives: The use of synaesthetic metaphors in art implies a new way of thinking in the frame of the audiovisual sense, both for the performer and the audience. How can the aesthetic and cognitive interpretations of synaesthesia as well as its history inform multisensory art? What are the possible applications of synaesthetic thinking in artistic performance and collaboration?

Technological Interactivity: To what extent does technology facilitate the development of multisensorial perceptions and fruitions of today’s performance? In which ways can technology be applied to stimulate the audience-led participatory and co-creative approach in today’s performance?

Inclusive Viewpoints: How do arts practices benefit from intersectional perspectives and different multisensory viewpoints and contributions? How can we cultivate spaces within this sphere for both individual and group needs to be voiced so that barriers to full access, participation and social/grounded presence can be deconstructed and removed?

You can send a proposal with the following information to, until January 31st:

  • Name of the presenter
  • An abstract of 250 words (maximum) to describe the subject of the presentation
  • A short curriculum vitae of the presenter
  • A photo of the project or the presenter​

Please feel welcome to contact us for accessibility concerns regarding travel and presentation.