11 October 2022

Initiated by Annelys de Vet & Nuno Coelho

This seminar is part of the Sint Lucas Antwerp Research Week.

How are we preparing designers for a world that is in constant transition? How do we develop critical pedagogies that are adaptive to unexpected situations, and to new questions? What is the place of design in wider society, and how can design respond to urgent matters? How can the design curriculum be a space for commoning? How can we think about design as emancipatory politics, and as a practice of hope?

“Design pedagogy as an emancipatory practice” is a one-day-long symposium and workshop around critical pedagogy and design education. A day mostly for peers, with combined presentations and discussions (in the morning), followed by a collective lunch and work sessions (in the afternoon). The contributions will be practice-based rather than rooted in theory. We will start from our own experiences, touching upon conflict, disruption, flexibility and adaptivity, and question how each of us secures a healthy, creative and adaptive learning environment.

Image: Fieldtrip & informal calligraphy sessions, Disarming Design Department, 2021


  • 10:00  Welcome & Introduction
    Nuno Coelho, ON TRANSITION DESIGN, Teaching Transition Design (TD) at the University of Coimbra
    Annelys de Vet, ON DISARMING DESIGN MASTERS, temporary master's programme at Sandberg Instituut Amsterdam on the intersection of design, politics and community
  • 11:45  Break
  • 12:00  Perspectives from practice by Siwar Kraitem and Anna Celda
  • 13:00  Performative lunch with Anna Celda
  • 14:00  3 parallel workshops:
    • Transition workshop by Nuno Coelho
    • Uncommonsessions with Annelys de Vet
    • Language Cafe with Siwar Kraitem
  • 16:00  Sharing output and final conclusions

Anna Celda is a cook, storyteller and graphic designer based in Amsterdam —and alumnus of Disarming Design at Sandberg Instituut. Her work brings together publishing, cooking, care giving, designing... sandberg.nl/graduation2022

Nuno Coelho (Univ Coimbra, CEIS20, DEI) is a Porto-based Portuguese communication designer, artist and curator. He is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Informatics Engineering (DEI) of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra. www.nunocoelho.net UniversadaCoimbra/NunoCoelho

Siwar Kraitem (1992, LB) is a multi-lingual designer and organizer based between Beirut and Amsterdam — and alumnus of Disarming Design at Sandberg Instituut. With Rasha Dakkak she co-founded the language café, a discussion and installation forum for language, semantics, and translation. framerframed.nl

Annelys de Vet (1974, NL) is PhD researcher at Sint Lucas Antwerpen (ARIA). She is a Belgium based designer, researcher and educator. 
www.subjectiveeditions.org www.bureaudevet.be


Room 3.09, Campus Sint Lucas Antwerpen


This event is open to all. Please register by sending an email to > annelys.devet@kdg.be