12 - 15 April 2023 - Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp

Confronting Conflicts

Initiated by Vivi Touloumidi, Umut Eldem and Adilia Yip

This 5th edition of METHOD/ART will be part of the international conference CUMULUS, organized at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and the University of Antwerp from 12th to 15th April 2023.

Conflict, though consuming and challenging, inevitably results in the construction of a more conscious model of interconnectedness. Crisis can become a catalyst of co-dependence that fuels art and design processes that respond to a broad range of critical conditions, from the collapse of local social systems to the global ecological catastrophes.

Conflict may also mean overcoming old conventions and the delusion of control, which presupposes new capacities and competences for engagement and co-action. The ability of creatively crafting such methods and strategies resides in one’s competence to connect and communicate with the assemblages in which one finds themselves to be participating in. 

Culture can bring conative bodies to confrontation and resilience. By accepting the losses and costs attached to such endeavors and by continuing to contemplate the possible changes and the alternative scenarios of co-existence, established norms can be cancelled and rendered irrelevant. Art and design absorb and reflect back to our value systems. Therefore, taking in consideration its transformative agency, creativity with courage can play an active role in maintaining resilience and in building sustainable human and non-human collaborations of mutual common futures.

The METHOD/ART seminar welcomes contributions that explicitly address different states and processes of conflict in the contexts, strategies and creativity in diverse artistic disciplines. We are looking for proposals for lectures, performances and workshops with a specific focus on methodologies and artistic research enquiries that consult conflict and empower interdependence, remedy and care. We look forward to cultivating a seminar program with a collection of artists, designers, performers, researchers and an overall community of co-actors. 

  • Uncertainty in method and practice
  • Ecological strategies
  • Cultural activism 
  • Participatory practices
  • Pedagogical projects

You can send a proposal via the Conftool submission system with the following information:

  • Name of the presenter(s) and affiliated institute
  • An abstract of 500 words (maximum) to describe the subject of the presentation 
  • Include a short curriculum vitae of the presenter in 200 words 
  • Include a photo of the project or the presenter

Proposals will be reviewed on the basis of:

The following points need to be taken in consideration and be clearly articulated in the content of your submitted abstract. These criteria are meant to serve you as guidelines of what we are looking for METHOD/ART; an artistic research seminar dedicated on research methodologies of creative practices. ​

  • Your contribution may take the format of a lecture, lecture/performance, workshop or poster/installation.

  • Your contribution, in all formats mentioned above, should be explicitly discussing artistic research methodologies along with your artistic outcome contribution. You application must be orientated towards a discourse contribution to the theme of the seminar, your artistic research practice and medium.

  • We are not looking for artist talks, but contributions that articulate or even raise questions on artistic research strategies and the lay the ground for an interdisciplinary dialogue on methodology in/for/on research in the arts. 

Submission deadlines

The deadline for submission is 13 January 2023.Please submit your proposal via the Conftool submission system

Notification of acceptance is expected before 24 February 2023. Registration is mandatory for all presenters, participants and attendees.

!! For the registration of students, staff and researchers of ARIA, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and Sint-Lucas Antwerp: please contact us via

All selected proposals will be required to submit a finalized version by 10 March 2023.

Key dates of submission procedure

  • 13-01-2023 - Deadline for submissions (abstracts for lectures, lecture-performances, posters, workshops, artistic & live performances)
  • 24-02-2023 - Notification of acceptance (abstracts for lectures, lecture-performances, posters, workshops, artistic & live performances)
  • 10-03-2023 - Final date to arrange any requirements for the submitted presentations. (special equipment, set-up etc.)
  • 12-04-2023 - 15-04-2023 Cumulus Antwerp 2023 Conference

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