20 - 22 October, Antwerp
14 & 15 October, online

Featuring a  visit to the reopened Antwerp Fashion Museum (MoMu) and other unique fashion locations

On October 20th, 21st and 22nd the University of Antwerp, Antwerp Management School, the city of Antwerp, The Royal Fashion Academy Antwerp, Tourism Flanders & MoMu Antwerp present THE RESPONSIBLE FASHION SERIES, one of the most important international meetings of confrontation and sharing for the academic world, which brings together the main fashion institutes around the world!

More than 130 abstracts answering the call "Can fashion save the world" were selected to present during the conference or/and the digital days in advance on October 14th and 15th.

“Can fashion save the world?”

Central to the Antwerp edition in October will be the question: Can fashion save the world? We are presently in a crisis that is nothing like anything we have ever faced before and we were reminded of our Antwerp experience from the beginning of the 1990s. Then, we were facing in Europe important societal changes, increasing globalization, an escalation in migration and the breakthrough of populist parties all over Europe. Antwerp became in 1993 the cultural capital of Europe and ran with the ‘tagline’: “Can the arts save the world?” What Antwerp 93 wanted to stimulate was a reflection and debate about the societal role that Arts and Culture (including fashion) could play and thereby offering innovative approaches through arts and culture as a utopic remedy. The crisis today might need something similar? Thus, accordingly, we update our offer: can fashion save the world?

We claim that no other field of study and practice embraces change like fashion and here in Antwerp fashion designers have for a long time been known for their creativity and disruptive imagination. Therefore, we ask: “Might Creatives play a greater role in a changing world?“

What are your thoughts? Perhaps you see these issues differently or you can offer ‘new’ ‘creative insights through fashion’? If you are interested in this potential then we would like to invite you to join us in Antwerp so we can share our mutual understandings and questions. Join us in Antwerp!

Background of the series

The Responsible Fashion Series originated as part of the Fashion Colloquia collection of events founded by four institutions: London College of Fashion, Parsons school of Fashion and Design in New York, IFM, Paris and Domus from Milan. This new series reflects the need for fashion to take on a new mature and responsible approach for supporting the future of fashion.


The program of the Responsible Fashion Series in Antwerp will consist of academic presentations, matchmaking & networking sessions, interviews with big names in the fashion industry, debates and panel discussions on hot topics for the industry (such as cross-overs with other disciplines, fashion and IP, circular fashion, decolonizing fashion,…) and of course exhibitions and creative presentations. Most events will also be streamed ‘live’ to pre-registered users. We aim for a completely hybrid colloquium (with two completely digital days a week before on October 14th and 15th as a lead-up to the conference). In case of a full lockdown the colloquia will still be able to continue completely digital.

The full program of the series will be released by the end of September.

Check our website for the latest updates!


Registration is possible for online and live participation combined or digital participation only (digital days + livestream on the 20th, 21st & 22nd).

Entrance to the event (physical and online) is free until full capacity is reached. Please note that presenters will be guaranteed a place at the live conference if registration is completed by 1st September 2021. If we do become over-subscribed, then non-presenters will be placed on a waiting-list.

However, please note that should presenter’s circumstances (due to Covid or other obligations) and are then not able to come to the city, please let us know asap by sending an e-mail to responsiblefashionseriesantwerp@uantwerpen.be.

We will then re-open the waiting-list to the next person.

We accept changes until a week before the conference. In case of changes after this deadline or absence during the conference, we have a no-show policy. You will be charged 50 euro in case of no-show.

Please register below. Important: presenters for the RFS do not have to register through this form. They receive a seperate registration link!

Group registration 

Do you want to register as a group? Please contact responsiblefashionseriesantwerp@uantwerpen.be