ARTIFEX e-book

A first chapter of the ARTIFEX e-book is now ready and open to the public. This chapter consists of a number of interviews with STEM professionals from different European countries. Each interview was used to zoom in on a specific (set of) competences required for successful careers in STEM sectors. At the end of the chapter, you will find a summary of the transversal skills mentioned by the interviewees together with some advice for young people and the main challenges for education. 

The ARTIFEX e-book is still work in progress. The second part of the ARTIFEX BOOK will detail the STEM education competences needed by teachers and educators to build a STEM literacy of learners in the context of a FabLab or Makerspace (or any innovative learning environment). The research is currently running in three European countries. In the final part of the e-book we will provide some strategies to bring together schools, out of school programs, businesses, institutions of higher education and STEM-rich institutions, based on the description of some regional good practices from all over Europe.